Why does my school need SPEAR Math? 

SPEAR Math equips teachers and pupils with a comprehensive range of materials that promote the development of Math problem-solving skills. Resources are continuously being updated but currently include:
  Over 550 collated new and familiar problems in a searchable database so that you can easily find suitable materials for pupils to work on, attractively presented with answers, supporting notes and resources, links to other problems and key objectives

  Next steps records for each year group from Preschool to G6

  Detailed advice for next teaching steps and exemplars describing the sort of evidence that will indicate that the pupil is meeting each level descriptor

  Self-evaluation sheets for each problem type addressing each step of SPEAR Math

  Key questions for each stage of SPEAR Math for each type of problem 

  ‘Help Me’ statements giving advice for the next thing to try if pupils are stuck (thus promoting independent learning and reducing dependency on adult support) 

  Activity sheets for recording pupil thinking within supporting scaffold appropriate to the type of problem being tackled

  Pupil target cards for each year group from Preschool to Grade 6
SPEAR Math schools enjoy unlimited access to regularly updated resources, new problems and materials that can be downloaded as many times as required.
SPEAR Math is compatible with, and adds to, a wide range of US curricula
Although written for elementary schools, SPEAR Math can also be used to support the development of Math problem-solving skills in middle schools for pupils of lower abilities
'... the resources have enabled us to clarify our understanding of different problems and become more confident in using problem solving in more lessons.'
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